ARC Roastery

We are delighted to be roasting on this beauty - a 2KG Mill City Roaster. A smaller roaster ensures a greater level of control over the roast, a consistent quality and a fresh cup of coffee every morning!

A lot that goes into a perfect cup of coffee. From planting & harvesting to processing, drying & exporting all the way to roasting & brewing. Each step as important as the next. We can't wait to share these steps with you as we embark on this journey.

We take pride in brewing & roasting coffee right in the heart of Limerick city. A vibrant city we call home, full of great people that deserve their own local coffee roasters!

Abbey River Coffee - What we're about

We pride ourselves on serving specialty coffee roasted by ourselves in the Potato Market. We provide a variety of espresso options which currently include a honey processed Colombia & a washed Kenya. It’s an ever changing line up that gives our customers the opportunity to taste and experience different coffees from all over the world. Our alternative milk options are Flahavans Oat, Alpro Soya & Alpro Coconut. We’re one of the few coffee shops that don’t charge you extra. If you like a little added sweetness, we have the vanilla, caramel, hazelnut & many more syrups. We know coffee isn't everyone's 'cup of tea' so we also serve hot chocolates, chai lattes & a range of teas. 

Ever heard of 2GoCup? 2GoCup is a deposit & return scheme for reusable cups (with a lid) that adds just €1 to the price of your drink. Return the cup at any stage to get your euro back; or keep it and reuse it. We really don’t mind. We’re just looking to cut down on the number of customers using single use coffee cups - compostable or not. We teamed up with 2GoCup just before the pandemic began and we were delighted when we could resume in the middle of 2022. As well as coffee beans & home brew equipment, we also have 8oz & 12oz branded KeepCups for sale. Pick one up in store and get your first drink in it for free. We also give a 20c discount on your drink if you bring any reusable cup (apart from 2GoCups).

In October 2020, we teamed up with Jigsaw Youth Mental Health to raise some much needed funds for this incredible service. We created a charity loyalty card system where instead of the customer getting a free coffee when their card was full, we’d donate the full price of that coffee directly to Jigsaw. Every month since October 2020, we made a donation and as of December 2022 we’re close to donating €2000. In truth, it’s not about the money. We’d like to think that for every stamp - between both the customer & the barista - we’ve taken a second to think about our mental health & the mental health of those around us. Thank you for your continued support. 

We’re delighted to be able to support local bakery’s. From Monday to Friday, we’re lucky enough to have Caffe Waffe’s (Lower Mallow Street) very best croissant’s (plain, almond, pecan & chocolate) & cookies. On Wednesday’s, we get over the mid week hump by getting in biscuit cake, brownies & rice krispie squares from the amazing Nash’s Bakeaway (Insta - nashsbakeaway). On Saturdays, we celebrate the weekend by getting lots of lovely croissants & danishes from Sunflower Bakery (Raheen). Three excellent businesses with a big passion for what they do. 

So come take a seat in our outdoor seating area & enjoy a moment of quiet in the midst of the hustle & bustle in the city :)

Customer Reviews - you say it better than we do ;)

Little cafe packing a high quality coffee punch!

Lovely little coffee shop with great vibes and staff. Always good for a chat, the coffee is EXCEPTIONAL and all for a great price!! Highly recommend

The BEST coffee in Limerick

The coffee was top quality and the staff were great for a chat. It's in a great spot and has a lovely area to sit down out back. So cool!

Mighty brew in a scenic spot from friendly staff

Hit the button. One of the finest brews in the area served by friendly pair in an historic locale. Perfect!